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A Program of Lanark Community Programs
Part of Lanark Renfrew Health & Community Services
Alert baby in pink and white, striped sleeper being held by happy mother (nuzzling).
Exposed, pregnant belly with hands (white blouse, unbuttoned at the bottom).
Small, male child in dark striped shirt, sitting with toys and smiling.
LCP Building – main office location for Connections (in Carleton Place).
Lanark Community Programs
Located in the Town of Carleton Place.


If you fall into any of these groups , PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE ANY LCP SITES (includes 30 Bennett St.; Bates St.; Strowger Ave, Brockville, group homes, other programs at various community sites)

  1. If you have travelled outside of Canada; and have a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  2. If you have had close personal contact with a known or suspected case of coronavirus;

Please contact Lanark Leeds Grenville Public Health Unit at 613-345-5685 or telehealth for more information at 1-866-797-000 or Lanark Community Programs at 613-257-7619.

A note to our clients and community members

COVID- 19 Preparations Lanark Community Programs.

COVID -19 has been front and centre of the news for weeks.  We have been preparing for COVID-19 at Lanark Community Programs (LCP). Our goal is to ensure two things:
1. That clients get the care that they need while at the same time,
2. We protect the health of our staff and other clients receiving care.

What you should expect:

You should expect that when booking appointments, visits and consults you will be asked about your travel history and if you  have a fever, cough or shortness of breath. If you are at risk of COVID 19 because of travel or contacts with someone who has COVID 19, you may be offered a phone appointment, telepractice visit or offered a phone call back.  If your symptoms are mild, we may ask you to stay put at home and self isolate and call public health.  If your symptoms are serious, we will ask you to visit the ER for assessment.

You will be asked the same questions about your symptoms and your travel risk when you enter our main site at the front desk, by staff when you enter any of our sites, or when staff visit you at home or in the community.


What we expect of you:

CALL AHEAD!  Please if you or someone close to you is unwell call and we will re-schedule your appointment. We can arrange for a telephone or telepractice video session if warranted.

We expect you to wash or hand sanitize when you come to any of our sites (Enough time to sing the alphabet song, or Happy Birthday!)  

If you have fever or a cough, we expect you to put on a mask when you come into the building and LEAVE IT ON FULLY COVERING YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO REMOVE IT. 

We will be working hard to try to protect our staff so that they are able to continue to care for the community - your friends, your neighbours, your family. Please help us to do that by being patient with the screening questions, answering honestly and following instructions.

Ontario Enhanced Public Health Measures: Statement from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health

Ontario Enhanced Public Health Measures for COVID-19 2020-03-12

How to self-monitor: COVID_Self-Monitor_Fact_Sheet_EN

For more information on Covid-19

Lanark Leeds Grenville Public Health:

Ontario : Public Health:

Public Health Agency of Canada:



Connections is a community based project whose goal is to support
families in the healthy growth and development of young children through cooperative efforts involving families, services and communities.

Our Beginnings

Connections began in 1993 as a community-based home visiting program. Shortly thereafter with feedback from participants, we recognized the need for group and prenatal support. Today we offer a continuum of prenatal, postnatal, and preschool services to families in Lanark County, as well as prenatal services to families in Leeds & Grenville Counties.

Please view our Latest News page for news bulletins.